Product Reviews

ANDY CAMILLERI-Specialty Lead and Consultant ENT surgeon
Dear Pro-Aquaz,
I have been using your earplugs for two years and am impressed at their comfort and my ability to hear through them. As an ENT surgeon, I decided to test this and I approached my audiologist to perform a hearing test on me with and without the plugs in. I was pleasantly surprised to see that only the range of sound 2-4 kHz was damped down by plug use but the other frequencies were not affected (2 kHz was reduced by 10dB, 4kHz by 20 dB). They effectively kept my ears dry and I would recommend them for all regular swimmers/surfers to prevent external ear infections and exostoses. They would be especially useful if you have a skin condition predisposing to ear infection eg eczema.
Well done to your researchers.
Andrew Camilleri FRCS
Specialty Lead and Consultant ENT surgeon
University Hospital of South Manchester Foundation Trust
Honorary Senior Lecturer, University of Manchester
Alexandra BMI Hospital

JASON FEAST-SURFER & SURF PHOTOGRAPHER –The taking of the mould only took 30 minutes and I had the product in my hands in 10 days.I have been using the Pro- Aquaz for over 8 months now and over the UK winter, previously I suffered from regular ear aches as I have surfers ear on both sides, 80% ear canal closure on the right side and 40% closure on the left side. Since using the Pro-Aquaz I’ve had zero ear infections and no water lodged, causing deafness.
I’ve used them in up to double overhead surf with no issues and not falling out when wiping out. The custom mould to the shape of my ear canal makes for a very comfy tight fit, I forget they are in and still have the ability to hear due to an audio filter built in the ear plugs.
Big Thumbs up” – Jason Feast 

JACK GREGORIUS -SURF INSTRUCTOR – ‘I used pro-aquaz for the first time yesterday, and I can safely say they are easily the highest quality, most holistic earplugs I have ever encountered! They have been developed through cutting edge technology, which as far as I know, hasn’t ever been applied to surf ear plugs before. They are the first pair of ear plugs which don’t fall out following a hard wipeout, whilst at the same time they let sound in, and keep the water out; of which is something I have never experienced with other ear plug brands. Would recommend them to any water users!’ 

RHYS WALSH – SSI ASSISTANT INSTRUCTOR TRAINER – DIVE NEWQUAY – The Pro-Aquaz Ear-plugs have saved my career as a Scuba Diving Instructor! After spending an entire summer with recurring ear infections, I knew I had to make a change!It’s now been over a year since I started using Pro-Aquaz Ear-plugs, the only ear infections I have had are because I forgot to put my Pro-Aquaz in!They are so comfy that I forget they are in my ears even after 8 hours in the pool. They have no trouble being taken deep underwater, as I have used them when diving to 30 metres deep and a max depth of 50 metres.  An added benefit of these Ear-plugs are the inserts that allow me to hear those speaking around me perfectly whilst I am teaching, something other plugs don’t allow for which can be unsafe in that environment. 

ELLIE STEWART – SSI – AOW Instructor SSI – XR Trimix Instructor #79153Mares – XR Ambassador – I work as a full time scuba instructor and heard about Pro-Aquaz through a college. Having twice perforated my ear drum, I was desperate for a solution to both minimise the amount of water flushing in and out of my ear and to keep them warm when doing up to four dives a day. The team at ACS customs were fantastic from the start – I was able to make an appointment for the moulding of the ear plugs within the same day and I had a speedy delivery soon after. Since having the ear plugs my ear health has improved dramatically. I was apprehensive at first about diving to depth with the ear plugs as it is counter intuitive to everything we teach, but I have never once had an issue with equalisation and have have used my Pro-Aquaz at a range of depths from shallow shore dives to sub-40m tech dives. I would now never dive without them and recommend them to all my students who suffer with outer ear issues such as perforation or recurrent infections. I am so grateful to have found such a simplistic solution to my ear problems and they have without a doubt saved my career!”

MARK GOODWIN-SURFER – Have tried many types of ear plugs from NHS moulded to white tack.  None come close to the Pro-Aquaz in terms of comfort and performance.  They are so comfortable that I had to keep checking they were still in.  The other big comfort factor is the lack of pressure build up when pushing them in or diving deep.  My left ear suffers with inner ear pain when pressure builds up, but I had none of that even when pushed deep under by a big set.  I assume this is due to the membrane, which was also responsible for reducing my pet hate when wearing ear plugs the fact that you cannot hear!  They allowed you to still converse and I felt like my balance and awareness were improved.
When surfing no water got in, however on a swim some got into my right ear.  After some tweaking as they weren’t in my ear properly this was resolved. After many surfs and several swims I am keen to get in and try them further!
A very happy Gooders!!
The only ear plugs you will ever need.

My name is Matt Burt and my background has always been in the snow and surf, unfortunately due to this over the years I gained 70-90% Exostosis, surfers ear/swimmers ear, and can not even go near any water without some kind of ear plugs/protection in these days, I can probably say I have tried every ear plug on the market, and found myself going back to the basic bluetac every time, due to the loss of my plugs in the surf, the only problem there was that I couldn’t hear anyone when being spoken too, and balance just wasn’t the same, since using the Pro Aquaz I can fully hear all noise and have used them to surf/dive/swim/SUP pretty much everything in on or under the water and haven’t had one single infection/pain or even water in my ear, and they float if you do ever drop them, not the cheapest plugs out there, but 100% worth the purchase and if you haven’t already got it, Exostosis shouldn’t ever be an issue, this much so I have already coughed up and got some for my kids, they come with a removable cord to keep them safe around your neck too.

Dave Stokes
As a sufferer from chronic surfers ear, I always use plugs to minimise water penetration behind the ear, to reduce the chance of trapped water exacerbating the condition and then spending the following days hearing through a watery vacuum.  I have used a number of products ranging from soft silicone putty to variable size composite inserts.  Various problems associated with these products.  Putty types prevent water intrusion but totally block out sound, whereas composites leak a little, can pop out and are fiddly to construct, but do have a audible quality.  Hitherto, the latter product was my preference.  I have been using Pro-Aquaz in various development forms over the past 18 months.  The current plugs are more pliable, making them easy to insert, even without using the gel provided.  With the plugs correctly inserted water incursion is zero and the upgraded filter provides at least as good if not better audio as other products (this is an awkward one for me to review as my hearing is impaired in any case).  Probably the best testament is that I dropped one of the plugs on the beach the other day, I was absolutely gutted, but stoked when I returned to the beach to find it sitting on a step; normal service resumed.