Introducing Jack Gregorius our new Ambassador

Pro Aquaz interview, Jack Gregorius.

How do you become a surf instructor?

Its pretty simple, you must qualify as a beach lifeguard, and then do a two-day course to train you up ready for the job. The only other thing you must do is 20 voluntary coaching hours. I didn’t find the process too difficult, as I’ve always been into surfing and surf lifesaving since a young age.

Did you always know you wanted to work in the water? What is your favourite part about your job?

I love surfing too much to be able to contemplate doing anything that isn’t related to the sea haha! My favourite part of the job has to be witnessing how excited people get when they are in the sea and learning how to surf or improving their surfing. I also like the fact that it’s very easy for me to find the time to fit surfs in between lessons, before and or after work!

Tell us about your surf kit. What do you never jump in the water without?

Jack with Pro-Aquaz

Its normally freezing in this country so a wetsuit is a must. A surfboard is handy too must say haha! Although I also try and wear my set of Pro-Aquaz Earplugs every session, as in the UK the risk of surfer’s ear in the wind and cold water is pretty high for regular water users like myself. The pro-Aquaz are easily the highest quality, most comfy earplugs I’ve ever worn!

What is your favourite post-surf snack/drink?

Lately I’ve enjoyed a protein shake after my surfs, as well as maybe something like a peanut butter sandwich. I’m always hungry so it’s just whatever I can get my hands on after the surf really haha!

Which is your favourite beach to surf in Cornwall?

Every beach has its day, but at the moment my favourites have to be Crantock and Watergate!

How old were you when you first learnt to surf? Do you remember the first time you stood up on a board?

I learnt to surf at the age of 11, and yes, I can remember my first wave I stood up on. I also remember it took me ages to stand up! But surfing is one of those things, the more hours you put in, and the more perseverance you have, the more you’ll improve at it!

What is your favourite part about being in the ocean?

I just like how it’s the one place that I don’t worry about anything else that’s going on in my life when I’m out there. I also like how it brings likeminded people all together, the surf community is such a fun crew to be a part of!

Why do you prefer longboards over short boards?

Hard question! I wouldn’t say I prefer either or, its just that the generally small, weak waves in this country are usually better suited to a longboard, meaning that being open minded to riding a longboard when its small increases the amount of fun you’ll be having in the sea on those average days! Although, when the bigger swells come in, I also love riding shorter boards too.

jack in competition

What was it like to win the title of Junior British Champion in longboarding in 2018?

It was like a dream! I’d only been competing on a longboard for a year by this point, so I couldn’t believe it! It’s a shame that Covid has put the stop on most competitions during the last year, however I’ve entered the Boardmasters comp and hopefully will be able to bring in a good result there to get the ball rolling again!

If you have any links to websites/socials or any upcoming events you would like us to promote for you, please let me know and I can add it into the blog post or promote on our socials!

@longboard_technique on Instagram; this is my longboard coaching page! I’m now offering longboard specific coaching, both online and at Fistral Beach surf school.